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Alternative School Provisions at Kings Academy in North Wales

Kings Academy in Queensferry are proud to be registered with both Flintshire County Council & Wrexham County Council as the number one training provider for pupils aged 14-16 looking for alternative school provisions.

Our team of friendly, experienced educators give our students an understanding of how, through education and qualifications, they can turn their interests and passions for the hair & beauty industry into a job. We support students in finding their personalised career pathways and give quality careers advice within industry-standard training settings.

What Opportunities Can School Links Provide?

Working in collaboration with schools and local authorities, our School Links programme is a great opportunity for 14-16 year old learners to experience vocational training and gain qualifications whilst studying at School.

Each week, Kings Academy welcome learners from schools across North Wales to study a wide range of exciting courses. We offer 14-16 year olds the same outstanding quality of practical training that we offer our 16+ learners. Our Training Academy HQ also gives young people access to a wealth of industry standard facilities.

Bespoke Workshops

It’s easy for adolescents to feel that they’re the only ones going through a tough time or facing a specific challenge. In reality, their crippling worries are shared by most of their peers. If, when talking to other parents, you’ve noticed a pattern, we can give your teenager a chance to tackle it with their closest friends.

Maybe it’s something they’re concerned about, struggling with at school, or even an exciting new interest. Our bespoke workshops are held in the Flintshire area and can take place in a local school or community centre.

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